Guardian Roofing & Exteriors LLC


Ted Smith

Home Owner

We have always heard of Guardian Roofing’s great reputation. We decided to give them a try, and boy was I glad that we did! I have never had to worry about the structural integrity of our premises since… even during snow season!  I couldn’t be happier with the work that was done!

Mary and Bill

Business Owner

When we moved into our new home, we learned that we needed a new roof. The last thing we needed was the cost involved in building a new roof. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy and affordable Guardian Roofing made it! They even gave me a phone call a couple months after to ensure that everything was alright!

Mel Barnes

Company Owner

I thought that when they said my roof could get replaced because of hail or wind storm, I was quite skeptical in the beginning. Now I can not believe it, I got a new roof for the cost of the deductible and that’s all I paid. The process was  much more simpler than what it sounded like in the beginning. I recommend anybody to give an inspection a try. After everything they did for us… Thank You Dearly